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Farah as Long as it Takes.

Congratulations to Mo Farah on winning the Chicago Marathon this weekend and for setting a new European record in the process. Now speculation is rising that he could be a contender for the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This would be an unprecedented achievement and one that would solidify Mo as the most outstanding distance runner ever.

Also giving rise to speculation; Philip Hammond has announced that he will be presenting his Autumn budget to Parliament on  Monday 29th October. This is earlier than usual because of the need to clarify tax, spending and other financial decisions before a final Brexit deal can be reached with the EU. Mr Hammond is not giving away too many hints as to what the budget will contain but in order to honour Teresa May's pledge to give the NHS a mult-billion pound boost it looks likely that taxes will have to increase. Whilst nobody likes the idea of paying additional tax it is clear that the NHS is in severe crisis in this it's 70th year and cannot continue to meet the needs of an ever increasing population without assistance. 

Additional funding will not solve all the marathon challenges facing the NHS but hopefully this will help to ensure that the NHS survives in the long run.