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Our Services

How can we help you?

We will come to see you to talk about your business, what your goals are and how we can help you to achieve them.  If you want regular help, we will estimate the time required and give you a fixed monthly price for 12 months.  This will be all you pay for the services as specified.  If you want any ad hoc work done, including one off training sessions, we can quote on a job basis too.  If you want a new system we will quote you for the job, based on the number of days required.

You will never have unexpected bills for unexpected amounts. That is not how we work.

Management Accounting

* Accurate Monthly Reports

* Regular Reviews & Meetings

* Bespoke Reports

* Profit & Loss

* Balance Sheet

* Cash Flow


* Bookkeeping

* Compliance

* Payroll



* Monthly Reporting


* Regular or one-off sessions

* Cloud based Bookkeeping

* Best Processes

* Using your Xero System

* New staff

Business Software & Apps

* Xero Implementation

* Dext / Dext Prepare

* Automated Bank Feed

* Unleashed

* Soldo

* Telleroo

* GoCardless

* Pleo

Charities & Social Enterprises

* Extensive Experience 

* Set up Charity in Xero

* Manage Funds

* Report on Funds

* Partial Exemption VAT

* Regular Reports for Trustees

Need Help?

* Rescue Packages

* Catch Up / Backlogs


* System migration to Xero

* Payroll

Already using Xero but not sure if you are utilising its full potential?

We offer training to any Xero users to make sure they are maximising the benefits of this amazing software. Whether you would like a one-off session focusing on a particular topic or need ongoing training on a regular basis, we can help.

Contact us today for more information and to find out what more Xero could be doing for you and your business. 

Anna's Top Tip

If you miss the Detailed Account Transactions report in the old format reports, there is a very similar report available. Select General Ledger Detail in the report list and then click on the 3 dots at the end of the row. Select Account Transactions with tax rates. You can delete any accounts that you don't need and then save it as one of your favourites.

If you export the report to Excel the format will be almost identical to the old Detailed Transactions Report.