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Pride of England

The Lionesses, England's women's football team, opened their World Cup campaign with a 2 - 1 victory over Scotland. England entered the competition ranked 3rd in the world and with high hopes of bettering their previous World Cup position when they finished third in 2015.

However based on their performance last night, pundits claimed that other teams will not feel threatened by England's performance. Former England International Alex Scott said ' Yes, England have done well but I don't think they have shown any dangerous signs to make other teams worry, and that's what Phil Neville will be saying -if we want to win a world cup, we need to be better'

Sentiments that can equally be applied to the raft of candidates vying for the leadership of the Conservative party. Following Teresa May's official resignation, the contest for leadership now properly gets underway. This is the week where we will really get a chance to start looking at the candidates policies. Regardless of the big headlines flying around, it is now time for proper debates on the direction of the party, and therefore the direction of the government too. Will any of the candidates bring anything to the Brexit negotiations that will make the rest of the EU take notice?

Each candidate claims to have the policies and ability to win the leadership race but if England is to emerge from the Brexit fiasco with the economy intact  and any sense of pride, then the general feeling is that politicians, like the Lionesses, will need to be better.