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Teresa May's Swan Song?

Teresa May is trying to gain Cabinet backing for what she describes as a 'new, bold offer' on Brexit. She is expected to urge ministers to support measures to be included in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill aimed at winning over Labour MP'S. 

The bill will be put to a vote in early June. However as MP's have already soundly rejected the Withdrawal Agreement on three separate occasions, it is hard to see this new offer having any more success than Michael Rice at Eurovision on Saturday.

If the vote does go badly for Teresa May, the pressure on her to resign will be immense. Some senior MP's have already put their names forward for the leadership position whilst others are remaining close lipped until the PM has officially stood down. 

The UK entry for Eurovision was entitled 'Bigger than Us' which seems quite an apt description of the Brexit fiasco. But unless Teresa May can somehow persuade MP's to start singing from the same hymn sheet, it seems more likely that she will be left singing the blues.