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A Bigger Pizza the Profits?

Domino's Pizza have been accused of misleading investors over relations with some of the franchisees who own the outlets.

Last year, 11 of the company's biggest franchisees wrote to the Domino's board threatening to 'declare war' on the firm unless they got a bigger slice of the company's profits. The Domino's Franchise Association (DFA) warned that they could stop opening new outlets if their demands were not met.

Domino's released their results last week and acknowledged that relations with franchisees would hold back the number of new stores opening this year. They went on to add that discussions with franchisees had intensified but that they were 'confident that we will resolve our differences to the benefit of customers'  However, the DFA were swift to accuse Domino's of misinforming the city by suggesting that the feud could be easily resolved. They said that they are at total odds with the company and that  therefore any comments suggesting a resolution was near were misleading.

Domino's strongly refute the claims and says it 'has been clear and transparent that it has been in commercial discussions with franchisees, which are continuing'

Clearly both sides want more dough but unless they can reach an agreement it seems that this particular Domino's match is far from over.