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Top Dog

Dylan the Papillon has been crowned Best in Show at this year's Crufts. The name Papillon derives from the French word for Butterfly, in reference to the shape of the ears of this toy breed. According to the Urban Dictionary, 'Papillon' also symbolises freedom. 'There are no chains on a Papillon as they go where they want and do whatever they choose'

Sadly this is not true for the many people living in the UK who have fallen prey to modern slavery, particularly in industries such as domestic work, construction, agriculture, catering and hand car wash. In a move welcomed by charity Anti-Slavery, the government is set to announce that businesses looking to secure public sector contracts will need to do more to help improve society.  Cabinet minister David Lidington said 'it is morally right for the UK to make certain demands of companies taking tax payers' money' 

 When drawing up public contracts the government will be looking at a range of criteria including:

     Firms that employ people from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities and 

     from ethnic minorities.

     How companies reduce modern slavery and cyber-security risks in their supply chains.

     Businesses that are focused on environmental sustainability.

     Companies that boost employees' employability potential though staff training.

Mr Lidington said 'By making sure these social values are reflected not just across the government, but through all the companies we work with, we will take a major step towards our goal of creating an economy that works for everyone'

In life, not everyone can be the top dog, but everyone deserves the chance to lose the chains and be a Papillon from time to time.