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It'll be lonely this Christmas ....

Parliament is scheduled for winter recess from 20th December to 7 January 2019.  However in view of the Brexit deadlock there are increasing calls to cancel the Christmas break until the vote is done.

House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow has publicly stated that he is 'happy to chair debates over Christmas' if MP's decide the decision cannot wait.  Liberal Democrat MP, Tom Brake tweeted 'At a time of so much uncertainty caused by this Brexit mess, it is an insult to the British people that Teresa May is happy for MP's to go on holiday without voting on the biggest issue in generations' 

It could be a long and lonely Christmas for MP's this year as they try to agree on a deal. Whatever the result of the Brexit negotiations and regardless of whether or not  MP's get to enjoy their Christmas dinners, it appears that for Teresa May her goose is well and truly cooked.