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Spring Fever.

Spring Fever is defined as 'a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of Spring' and 2019 is promising a larger than usual outbreak.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced that they are expecting their first baby in the spring. There will be much suspense amid the royal baby fever as to what Harry and Meghan will call their baby, who will be seventh in the line of succession. Will they opt for a traditional name or go for something more unusual?  Bookies are already giving odds on possible names but nothing is certain and the odds are bound to change as the due date draws nearer.

Other events due to happen in Spring 2019 are equally unsure.  There may or may not be a Brexit deal in place by the Spring. Making Tax Digital for VAT is due to be introduced, which may or may not prove taxing and work is scheduled to begin on the HS2 railway which may or may not stick to the agreed timetable.  

It looks as if we are all likely to have an attack of Spring Fever - hopefully without too many headaches.