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Winds of Change

Two topics continue to dominate the news headlines this week - Brexit and the weather. Both seem to be equally unpredictable and depending on whose forecast you listen to, both promise to have devastating consequences.

Jaguar Land Rover Chief Exec, Prof Speth has been the latest industry boss to go on record warning that a hard Brexit would result in the 'worst of times' for the UK and predicted the cost to Jaguar Land Rover would be more than £1.2 billion a year. Prof Speth is not alone in his concerns. Other industry leaders including Airbus and BMW have issued similar warnings about the damaging consequences of Britain's decision to leave the EU.

Brexit supporters have been quick to dismiss these reports as scaremongering and continue to be optimistic about the future for the UK unhampered by EU regulations.

Whatever your view point, in common with the people in the paths of the latest outbreak of tropical storms and hurricanes, the only options for most people are to relocate or brace for impact. Either way the winds of change are inevitable and only time will tell what the final impact will be.