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Not so Serena.

Serena Williams was far from serene at the final of the US Open on Saturday. Williams was issued a code violation for what the umpire deemed to be coaching, and a point penalty for racquet abuse led to her branding the umpire a thief and a liar. She was then docked a game after which she called for the match referee, alleging that she was being treated differently to the male players.

Not only did Serena lose the match to Naomi Osaka she was also fined $17,000 for her mis-conduct.

Serena is not alone in being penalised for bad conduct. In a welcome move, new measures introduced by the Government will see a clamp down on nuisance callers.  In future people will have to opt in to receive calls about personal injury claims or PPI. The UK wide measures will force the caller to make sure they have the recipients permission before calling. Those offering unwanted claims management services could be fined as much as half a million pounds by the ICO if the breach the rules.

Hopefully the cold callers have now finally met their match.