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Changes to Xero Reporting

As anyone who uses Xero Reports is no doubt aware, the older versions of the reports are being retired and will no longer be available after 30 July 2023. The new versions have been  in use for some time but if you are still using the older versions you will need to switch before the cut off date. 

Make a list of the reports you use and prioritise switching the reports you use most often. Whilst the old reports are still available it can be useful to bring up both the old and new versions so you can set up the new report as you want, whilst still being able to compare it with the old version to ensure all information is included. This will be much easier than  relying on memory after the old reports have gone.

Once you have adjusted the report to suit, remember to save it as a Custom report and then in future the report will open exactly as you want it. 

As with anything new it may take time to get used to the new formats but if you are struggling to complete a certain task, check out Xero Central Page for the report you are working on as it lists all the functionality in that report as well as detailed information as to how to use it.