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Hamilton Races to the Record Books

Lewis Hamilton made Formula 1 history following his incredible 92nd career win in Sunday's Portuguese Grand Prix. His 7th world championship title seems certain to follow this season.

A much less certain result is the race to the White House in the upcoming US elections. Voters will decide on November 3rd whether Donald Trump remains in power for another 4 years. Joe Biden is currently  leading national presidential polls but as Hillary Clinton found in 2016, with the electoral college system used in the US, winning the most votes doesn't always win you the election. 

America's coronavirus outbreak has become a key policy battleground and the two candidates continue to present starkly different views over the way ahead. Will the American public accept Mr Trump's assurances that the pandemic will end soon or will they believe Mr Biden when he says the president has given up on containing the virus.  

It will be interesting to see who takes the chequered flag in this particular race.