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Hair Offensive

The use of any language or behaviour designed to cause offence is never acceptable and anyone indulging in such should rightly be condoned. However it does seem that the most unlikely things can sometimes be a surprising cause of controversy.

Case in point is the moustache of US ambassador to South Korea, Harry Harris (think Bert Reynolds, Tom Selleck)  Earlier this year South Korean commentators and politicians said the moustache evoked painful memories of Japanese colonial rule - 1910 to 1945 - because it was reminiscent of the moustaches worn by Japans governor-generals. According to the Korean Times Mr Harris's moustache 'has become associated with the latest US image of being disrespectful and even coercive towards Korea' 

Mr Harris has now shaved his moustache, sharing a video of the experience on Twitter. He explained his decision was in order to keep cool during summer while wearing a face mask in compliance with Covid-19 rules. Hopefully his actions will help for smoother future relations.