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Brave New World

The Accounts Place celebrated it's 5th birthday last week and we are rightly proud of what we have achieved during those 5 years.

When we founded The Accounts Place we could never have anticipated the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves today but as accountants and bookkeepers our role has never been so crucial. Our clients rely on us to provide the financial information they need when applying for loans etc and it is incumbent on us to be on top of all new regulations and be available to advise as required.

Nobody knows exactly when life will return to normal or indeed what the new normal will be. But in the meantime do not hibernate. Use this period to evaluate, plan, test out new technologies and if not already digital then get on board. 

This time will end and will bring immense opportunities. Make sure you are ready to grasp those opportunities and we will help you make the most of them. Here's to the next 5 years.