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The Sound of Hooves

A quick glance at the news headlines could almost make you believe that you can hear the hoof beats of  the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. Just about every news item seems to be related to one of these - excluding Phillip Schofield of course. Even the England v Scotland Six Nations Rugby match on Sunday was more about battling the elements than the opposition.

Fires, floods, Coronavirus and ongoing international conflicts; all of these unpredictable events occurring across the globe, send a clear signal to businesses of the urgent need to instil stability and minimise disruptions in their operations through the use of technology. By establishing a strong digital-first foundation, where most, if not all of  the business systems are on the cloud, it empowers the workforce to work from home when crises occur. Beyond productivity and cost savings, this is an essential part of any business continuity plan, especially in the dynamic and globalised world that we live in today.

The horsemen may or may not be coming but businesses using cloud based accounting platforms such as Xero, enabling employees access to work related matters anytime, anywhere and on any device will be in a far better position to meet whatever challenges lie ahead.